How To Beat The Hair Follicle Drug Test – 2016 Strategies

Many people will tell you that it can be pretty difficult to pass the hair drug test. Companies like Psychedemics are renowned for testing many people for drug use with very accurate results, but this doesn’t mean that the hair test is impossible to beat. It’s important to understand that certain methods will help you pass a hair drug test, but you need to choose the right method for you.

4 Options To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

Be aware that all these solutions have their chance of success, and they may not work just for anyone in the same manner. Nonetheless, if you are out of options, it is recommended to try them out.

Cleanse Your Hair (Detox Shampoos)

aloe rid detox shampooDrugs that appear in your hair follicles are not drugs as you ingested. Certain metabolites produced by the body are stored in the hair and they are the ones that appear in drug tests. However, hair follicles are not impenetrable and they can be cleansed by certain chemical solutions.

Knowing this simple fact, some companies came up with their solutions for cleansing your hair in the form of shampoos. Be aware that these are not common shampoos and their formula is different. They are on the expensive side, and you should take some money out of your pocket to pay for them.

Aloe Rid is probably the most popular cleansing shampoo, but it is no longer produced in its old formula. If you could still find a bottle, it may work for you, as it did for plenty of people.

TestClear is the go-to option for Aloe Rid. They are the only ones that sell the old formula. As far as we know, the old formula is no longer in production.

Shaving Option

Does it work? Yes and no.

Yes, because if you choose to shave your entire body, there will not be one hair left for the lab to collect from you and send to testing. No, because it will raise suspicions right away, if you choose to shave everything right before your scheduled hair follicle drug test.

There is no point in jeopardizing your job, in this manner, especially since there are still a few other solutions to consider.

Homemade Guides

Some people consider that instead of spending big bucks on a cleansing shampoo, they can make their own cleansing solutions at home. The following homemade methods are not well tested, but there are people who claim that they were very satisfied with the result.

Growman is a solution made with vinegar and aspirin, and its main role is to get your hair rid of all the metabolites that are still there.

Jerry G is a method that recommends men to wash their hair with bleach. Be aware that bleach is not that safe for human use, so do not get it in your eyes, or too much in contact with your skin.

Homemade methods have the least chance of success, so they are not really that recommended.

Special Programs

Drug Test FriendIn case you do not trust yourself to do a good job preparing for a hair follicle drug test on your own, you can always enlist some professional help. Hair Detox Friend is an online program that offers counseling to those looking for ways to pass such a test.

A personal counselor will be assigned to you, and you will receive the best advice on the matter. The upside of this program is that it works on your case, as an individual, and you will not get just a cookie cutter solution.

If you do not mind paying 50 dollars, you can get such help. Plus, the 60 day money back guarantee protects you against being scammed.

Overview & Hair Drug Test Facts

99% accuracy

image of hair follicle drug test sampleTo start with the bad news, labs claim to be able to tell whether someone has used or not drugs for the last several months with an accuracy of 99%. This is enough to make your blood run cold, but it is not actually as bad as it sounds.

There are more and more cases of people who can tell you that this outstanding accuracy can be greatly influenced by different factors that not even the most competitive labs can be aware of. In other words, don’t lose your hope, as you may still have a fair chance to pass a hair drug test and regain your peace of mind.

What Drugs Are Traced?

Hair follicles are capable of holding traces of drugs in them for a long time, hence the difficulty to pass such tests. Any kind of popular drug can be traced through such means, from marijuana and heroin to amphetamines and codeine. Basically, it can be really difficult for you to find a drug that is not easy to identify by these tests.

Why Employers Choose The Hair Follicle Drug Test

During the last years, companies and employers have opted more and more for hair drug tests instead of urine and blood tests. What happens is that while labs continue to become more and more proficient in identifying traces of drugs in a person’s body, those who are tested have also come up with more and more innovative solutions to pass such tests.

In the case of urine tests, you can even find synthetic urine on the market that is very close to human urine that most labs cannot tell it is fake. For this reason, employers consider much safer to ask for hair drug tests instead. Plus, hair samples can be harvested directly from the person being tested without invading their privacy.

How Far Back Can It Go?

Unfortunately, the answer is ‘yes’. Drugs will appear in your hair follicles one week after consumption and will stay there for 90 days, if not more. You may find information on the internet saying that your hair can hold traces of drugs for up to one year, but labs usually do not track drug consumption over 90 days.

What these tests can do is to practically establish your drug use habits for the last three months. For instance, if you only used drugs once, but heavily, that will show in the tests. Regular consumption can also be identified. This is another reason why these tests are preferred.

There is just one advantage to these tests, even if minor. If you are not a heavy user of drugs, a few smokes here and there will not appear on the drug test. Basically, the drugs must be in your system for quite a while, until they are metabolized and carried all over the body, including hair follicles.

What To Expect During The Test

Hair Drug TestThe good news is that you are not expected to do much for this kind of test. A bit of hair will be collected from your head or your body and then the sample will be processed by a lab. Turnaround for such tests is around three days, so you will find out quite fast how things went.

Head Hair Samples

There is a small difference between the samples collected from your head and those from your body. The first will tell if you have consumed drugs one week prior to the test or before that. This happens because your hair needs about seven days to grow and show traces of drugs.

Body Hair Samples

If you do not have enough hair on your head, you must provide a hair sample from your body. One thing that makes these samples different is they tend to grow much slower, so the lab may trace drug consumption dating from more days ago. Recent drug usage may slip through, and you may test negative for it, as a result.

At-Home Testing

Since there are so many variables to take into consideration, you may wonder what you can do to reduce the anxiety naturally associated with having to undergo a hair test. One thing you can do, especially if you think you have quite some chances to test negative, is to purchase a home test. This will tell you if you really have chances to get off the hook. For casual drug users, this can be a solution to put their minds at ease. Nonetheless, do remember that lab tests are usually more efficient and you should still think of some methods to pass the hair follicle drug test.

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